Newborn session photographer Essex

Newborn Photography Sessions

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Newborn Photographer Essex

Newborn session photographer Essex

Newborn photography sessions, just put them in a basket and away we snap… right?

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As much as we make it look easy from the photos uploaded to our websites and Facebook pages, newborn photography is quite complex. One of the hardest sessions to complete, really.

I’ve been in photography for 6 years now, and didn’t actually begin with the thought of being in newborn photography. I was quite comfortable photographing cheeky little faces, and family portraits. It was only when one day a friend (who I was photographing) suggested I try my hand at newborn photography. So, off I went, thinking ‘how hard could it be? They just lay there, what could be so difficult’. Ha! How wrong was I?

To be fair, I hadn’t actually tried to pose babies in any of the poses I do today. I wouldn’t have dared. The poses I complete today are those that require experience and training.

Over the years, I have put in lots of hard work and had multiple training sessions with the very best in the UK to allow me to give you the best experience and photographs for your family.

I have many clients arrive for their first newborn session they’re aware that the session will take 2-4 hours, but I’m often asked why it takes so long. Well, it is all dependant on your baby. They’re all so incredibly different.

Some will want to sleep like a log, some wake when their hands are touched, some like to guzzle lots of milk, and some prefer to be wrapped. They’re their own little personality so I allow this amount of time to create your gallery.

Some things people believe about a newborn session is that the baby falls asleep, you lay them down on a blanket and they stay super still. Most of the time, this is something that doesn’t happen. So when you are here at your newborn session and your baby doesn’t stay asleep, don’t fret, it happens more than people know. A handful of those newborn ‘sleeping’ images? Yep, they blinked! Well, the photo didn’t lie… their eyes were closed 😉

newborn session photographer essex

So, why the session fee?

The work that goes into your bespoke newborn session is undeniable, but I adore every minute. I mean, I get to cuddle newborns almost everyday, who wouldn’t want that?

Your session actually begins way before you arrive here.

It begins with your first message. From here on, we spend a number of hours speaking back and fourth via message and phone calls so I can really get a feel of how you session will go and what to plan. No one who books a session here is ‘just a number’. Each family that comes to Dinky Days is treated like the unique team they are. I’ll ask what colours you like, if there is anything you’d like to bring along (personal item), and I’ll also explain what will happen during the session. Another thing I’ll want to know is the decor of your home. this is so I can help you with what wall art you may want and also the right colours that will compliment it nicely.
Don’t fret about asking lots of questions, I’m here to help with any queries you have. This is another reason why it is best to book your newborn session in advance. Once baby is born, your head will no doubt be all over the place with emotion and lack of sleep.

Newborn session photographer Essex

The day of your session, I’ll head into the studio and begin warming it up. The room will be kept between 25 and 28 degrees throughout your session, wear layers so you can peel off whenever you are feeling the heat. Your baby will feel comfortable but you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped off the plane into Dubai.

I’ll arrange your set, the bean bag and blankets from our consultation (colour themes chosen etc).
Various props sets will be out and ready. If you do change your mind on colour and props, don’t worry that’s fine.
Many clients ask that I go with my flow and suggest only 1 colour they’d like and then to go ahead with the rest neutral, however everyone is different so I’m all ears as to what you’d like.

Once you arrive, we will sit, have a little chat again about what I’ll begin with and see if baby is settled.

newborn photographer in Essex

Throughout your time here, I will photograph your baby in various sets. This will include bean bag posing, and 2-3 props.
My props are the very best. Purchased from bespoke vendors, I use only top quality and safety approved props for my clients.
Please know that every set depends on how baby is. We won’t know until the day, but know that they are in safe hands. They will be made to feel comfortable and safe with 100 hugs on hand!

newborn session

If you need to feed at any point in the session, you aren’t ever told not to. If baby is rooting or showing any signs of hunger, they will be given to you to feed and burp, I will then re settle to sleep and back to posing.
You’ll find that baby may need a little extra milk than usual. This is due to them being moved around much more than normal so they’re burning slightly more calories.

I usually begin with your sibling, parent and family portraits, this way the siblings can be taken for a little walk or somewhere fun for a couple hours while Mum and I are in the studio.
This allows the studio to be calm and still to b able to get the best out of your session as we can.
It’s also so beautiful to see Mum able to just sit and watch her baby in all their glory.
Its not often you really get to see your precious little one as you’re always busy bounding about. So take this time to focus, love, and breathe in all that baby goodness.

Once your session is over, I will then get to tidying the studio. If you’ve ever been here for a session, you’ll know it looked like baby props vomited all over the floor. But that’s the sign of an amazing session, and I wouldn’t change it.

With all the studio work over. Ill sit to download your images from my camera onto my hard-drives. These are password protected and safe. Only I can see them.

Down to editing, each image will have a various time spent on them, depending on whats needed. It could be 10 minutes, or 15. This may be a composite, skin editing (blemishes, some flakes around the eyes, things that won’t be there forever). I do love to keep some flakes though, they really do show the newness of your baby.

Family photography in essex

I will edit anywhere from 20-30 images for your gallery. These images are 20-30 of the very best from your session.

After 7-10 days you will be welcomed back for your viewing. This is where your gallery is showcased. Don’t worry, I’ll supply the tissues!
This viewing takes up to one hour and it is where your choice is made of what you want to purchase. I have a wide range of wall art samples in the studio, along with my albums so I can easily bring them in for you to touch, hold and feel whats best for your home.


So when you ask, ‘what do I get with my session fee for newborn?’

You receive all of the above with experience and love.

I’d love to have you and your family here. Book your newborn session today and I’ll be right with you!

newborn photographer in Essexnewborn photographer in essexnewborn photographer in Essex


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newborn photographer essex

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