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Let them eat cake

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My policy on cake is pro having it, and pro eating it. So what better than to have a cake smash and splash where your little one can have their cake and eat it?

Cake Smash and Splash sessions here are messy, simple, fun!

What’s great about a cake smash here is that after the icing frenzy and sponge smashing, your little one heads on into the studio freestanding tub for a fun splash to get squeaky clean before heading off home. That’s a relief, no cake mess smeared over your car windows and seats.

A cake smash and splash session here consists of three parts which are included in your £99 payment.

First is the all important First Birthday portrait.

Cake Smash and Splash Essex

This is of course for beautiful photos, but it also allows your little one to warm up the the new environment they’re suddenly in.

Many times, this will be the first time they have met me, let alone been in the studio. We can make funny faces and silly noises. Anything to make them know it is a safe place. That’s right, out comes the Baby Shark song for the one thousandth time. Oh you know you love it really, and I bet you know all the moves too…

You can bring alone a special outfit, or you are welcome to use one of the outfits from my mini wardrobe in the studio. Simply let me know in advance (you can always use the outfits in the studio, even if you change your mind), I can then plan your set.

Cake Smash Time!

Cake Smash Essex

The second part of your session is the messy one. You’ll see me arrange your set up ready for your little ones star moment.
They usually sit and stare at the set being put together, and always adore being given a balloon while they wait. To be honest, even if they are given a decoration packet they’re happy! Got to love a distraction.

You have full choice of the colour theme, we discuss this much in advance and I will then design it which includes your cake, balloons, bunting, all the fun stuff!
This means that all you need to bring along is your Dinky and let me arrange it all.

Once your set is ready, Ill grab a quick photo of it before the mess begins.
On they go, legs around the cake stand and staring down in awe. I would too if I was given a cake all to myself, wouldn’t you?
All babies are different. You’ll find that some just stare at it then slowly pick, or there are babies that go full in.

Cake Smash Essex Cake Smash Essex Cake Smash Essex Cake Smash and splash Essex

The smash will last around 10-15 minutes, all dependant on how they feel. They can want to go on for a long time, or they may have had enough after 5 minutes. Don’t worry, we will have a lovely amount of images in either time.


Cake Smash Essex Cake Smash Essex

After your little one creates a whirlwind of mess, Ill change your set and get the tub ready. Once you’ve checked that the water temperature is perfect for your 1 year old, I’ll pop it in the tub and you then place them in there. I ask that you do this so that your little one is comfortable and feeling super safe before we begin. Splash the water around and bit and give them a rubber duck, they love those! I have a large duck that sits outside the tub and a handful of smaller ‘baby’ ones that they can play with in the water.

Once tub time has finished (they always let me know when they are done), they’re wrapped in a towel ready for hugs. Not to worry, the heating is put up after the smash so they come out of the tub nice and toasty.

If baby is happy enough, we will get some fun ‘after bath’ photos of them simply sitting wrapped in the towel. They add a wonderful finish to your gallery and look great in your album that is another of my products that can be purchased.

Cake Smash and splash Essex


So there you have it, a little run down of your cake smash session here at Dinky Days Photography.

If there are  any questions at all, I am always here to answer them be it via email or a message to my Facebook page.

A great purchase with your Cake smash session is wall art! Many of my clients adore having their cake smash image printed on a high gloss acrylic for the kitchen and also a tub splash high gloss acrylic for the bathroom. They look fantastic in either room. Hey, why not even add a wall art piece from their portrait session for the lounge?

Stand out with acrylic pieces in your home. They’re a great talking piece and also super easy to clean so the kitchen and bathroom are no problem.

Book you Cake Smash and Splash session in advance of your childs birthday to ensure their session is complete and images/products are back home in time for any birthday celebrations.

Ready to book? Simply contact me here and we can arrange for them to have their cake… and eat it too!

Cake Smash and Splash


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