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You care about your data privacy as do I, and I want you to be aware of the new GDPR data laws.

I saw on another blog by Marianne Chua which did make me chuckle, that GDPR stands for ‘Get Dozens of Photographers Rabid’, and my gosh it has! It feels like we are in an ants nest just running about in directions in which we have no idea where we are going. Really, it’s quite simple but we stress about everything and nothing as we want to make sure everything is right. As a baby photographer, this is key.

Dinky Days Photography Private Policy –

What data do I collect?

The only data I ask for are your name, your email address and your phone number. Occasionally I may ask for your home address due to needing to post your prints or so.

How do I collect your personal data?

You either message me via my Facebook page to speak about your newborn session, family portrait session, another I provide, my instagram page or email me via my contact page on my website.
When emails are sent via my contact page, they’re kept safe in a password protected inbox. Only I have access.
My Facebook and Instagram messages are also password protected. Messages that haven’t been responded to within 3 weeks or messages by someone who has chosen to not book myself (I know, crazy right?), are deleted.

Emails are stored in my 17Hats database software (a GDPR compliant company) which is accessible via only two of my computers (also password protected). If you do enquire, but don’t book me (*holds back tears*), all of your personal data will be deleted from my client database.

Will my review of my experience with you be public?

Yes, if you allow me to share it. I ask for your reviews so other people can read them and see if I could be the photographer for them.

Data use

My promise to you is that your email/address/phone number will NEVER be passed on to a third party. It stops at me.
You will not receive and be bombarded with newsletters from me. I have three young children, I barely have time to pour a glass of water, let alone all that jazz. I’m sure you understand that feeling, am I right?
I may occasionally email you with certain discount codes child related, or about something we’ve spoken about in passing too. But mainly it shall be about your next upcoming session here. Every little helps!

All information taken from you is stored in a password protected software. I ask your consent to use your images on my website and social media, it is never used without your go ahead. I respect you and your rights, they come first.
The reason I use the images online is because I am a small business and this is my way of advertising myself. I like people to view my work to see if they’d like to book myself and this is the only way. This is how you would have viewed my photographs too. You allowing me to share is so appreciated.

All images prior to 25th May 2018 on my website are on with previous consent. If however you decide you no longer want those images up, please do email and I will remove with respect.

I will not sell your images to anyone. Images are used only for my advertising only and you can view where that is as was shared with your consent.

Your images are stored on my encrypted Hard drives. I do this so as if anything happens and you lose them, I have them safe. I do not have them from when I first begun as I had to clear out at one point. If you would prefer I completely deleted, please again, do email me and i will do so.
If you are shown an online gallery, be safe in the knowledge that the database software they are on, is GDPR compliant also. Safe and locked. You will be given a password to view your gallery.

It’s really very simple (I know I wrote alot, but I want it all clear to you all).

You images and personal date are safe with me, all locked away with encrypted and password protected software.


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