What happens next?

So, you’ve had your newborn session. Spend 4 hours in the studio, had a little sneak of the back of the camera.

But, what happens next?

Well, the next part is when your images come to life. Of course, you’re all perfect, but a little enhancing your natural selves brings out the very best in you. Light, scratches removed, that spot you woke with, all changed!

You’ll find that I prefer much more to get the image right in camera. Of course I do love photoshop, but I want to keep you as natural as possible.

I’ll always ask about certain marks on your baby, if they’re permanent or temporary. Removing birth marks that are permanent is not something I choose to do. But milk spots, blemishes and general marks that will fade over the next week, they usually go. But always with your permission.

I also create your composite editing in photoshop.

But what is a composite? 

This is where I take two images during your newborn session, then merge them together during editing, and make them into one image. With certain poses, this is something that has to be done.

Take ‘Froggy’ for example.

This is not a pose where baby should stay unaided.

They’re such fragile little beings who (funnily enough) like to suddenly jump with their newborn reflexes that this a pose that requires always being held.

So, for this image to not have my hands in in the final photograph, it requires editing the two images into one.

So alongside the two bodies being merged, the backdrop also needs editing. Most bean bag poses (what he is resting on), mean they’ll need editing the backdrop in, but this depends on the angle too.

So, once the bodies are edited together, skin cleared up, skin colour fixed, the final image is made.

Newborn session photographer Essex

Alfie in a textbook froggy pose.

And you’d never have known the work that went into the image. But it is worth every minute spent on.
This is why when I post this pose on my page, there is usually a disclaimer telling you not to attempt it at home. As cute as it is, it needs a professional hand.


It is often thought that photographers finish a session, download the images onto a disc and off you go. This does still happen and that is absolutely fine for shoot and burn photographers who choose to do this, but I have a certain style I like to make sure all my images stay in line with. To me and many other professional photographers, it is our art and this requires a certain number of hours editing on your gallery.


Other posed images that require editing are ones such as bucket shots. Of course some babies can hold their head in the pose, but others let that heavy little head lean over a tad. This then means the spotter (there is always a spotter on hand), has a hand or a finger on your babies head. again, this would be two images taken or some clever editing!

Newborn photography essex editing

It transforms from this….

to this

Newborn photography essex editing

Of course there is also the smaller edits. This would be something as simple as change of skin tone as many babies photograph a little redder than usual, or actually arrive quite yellow or jaundiced.
This colouring is something that will change over time. They won’t be super red or have their yellow tinge for long 🙂

From expanding backdrops, to hiding that label, tucking in the nappy and getting rid of those stray hairs that have gone un noticed during your session, I make sure your photographs are all that you have wished for.
And if there is a minor change you’d like that you see at your viewing session, please do tell me and I can alter this for you. This can be told at your viewing session only as once your images have been purchased, it is final.

So you see it’s not just about downloading your images, there’s a journey for them to go through before your beautiful gallery is showcased at your viewing appointment.

newborn photography essex editingnewborn photography essex

With the editing process now explained, I’d love to have you here!

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