Breastfeeding at wedding

The breastfeeding photo that shook my Facebook

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There are many people who believe that ‘extended’ breastfeeding is wrong and all for the mothers benefit. Let me tell you now, that is not true.

Let’s begin where it all started.

Little man was born on the 9th June 2015 by planned c section.

Breastfeeding at wedding
I had two previous emergencies sections and it was apparent that I couldn’t birth naturally, as sad as that is to me. I tried, but my body wasn’t built for it, it’s just what it is.
As soon as he was born, he was wiped a little then passed to me as I said I wanted to have skin to skin and begin breastfeeding immediately. The surgeons were still operating on me, removing my placenta when Amaan and I began our breastfeeding journey. He latched perfectly, so perfectly. He went from this little angry ball of vernix covered beauty, to a calm, content milk monster.

Breastfeeding at weddingBreastfeeding at wedding
With this being my third child, I’d had my fair share of experience with breastfeeding as my first two were breastfed too.Breastfeeding at wedding
My boys are so used to it, and don’t bat an eyelid. Just how I love it to be here, open and honest.

Fast forward two years, and we were getting married. Shortly before our wedding, he had an operation to fix his sleep apnea.
I was dreading this being difficult to breastfeed after due to latch changes, but he’s a pro, he wasn’t about to let this stop his journey. That’s my boy!

The day came. 25th of August 2017.

Everything was go go go. My very talented makeup artist Makeup by Ramn  began the process, I was about to be transformed into the bride I had always wanted to be.

Face done. Hair to begin. This time it was Jade Amandas turn to start her transformation on me. I decided the exact hair on the day, despite our beautiful wedding trial. I’m always that guy haha!

This is where my little guys came in, they all looked so stunning in their little suits. I hadn’t wanted to see them prior to this so I had a surprise for myself on the day.

Of course, Marny had decided that no matter what was going on, he was to feed. Who am I to say no? The day was a change in his routine entirely. He was just 2 and had so any new people around him, he needed his comfort, his mummy.

Breastfeeding at wedding
Image by the wonderful – Rob Mank Photography

Everything was ready. My glam team did such an amazing job, I’d never felt so beautiful in my life. Time for champagne to celebrate and settle the anxiety before heading to see my Husband to be in the ceremony room.

All went perfectly, my guests listened and didn’t use their phones. I had an unplugged ceremony to which The Kent Toastmaster – Jim Cattermole made sure this and everything else in the day plus night went smoothly. By the way, if you need a man who will make sure your day goes as perfectly as humanly possible, book him!

Everyone looked amazing, including my beautiful bridesmaids of course.

I must add, my Husband looked exceptionally handsome!

Before I kept swept away with the day, I’ll carry on.

Portrait photos over, it was time for the food. The part that I was most worried about messing up during my planning. I mean, who want to go to a wedding and have pants food? Not me!

The food arrived and was delicious. No ones order was wrong. Phew, panic over.

My little man had his entire routine messed up with the wedding. He missed his nap. He was drained, and needing his mummy. Roast potatoes weren’t something he was after, he needing Mama milk.

This was the time when I wondered ‘I’m in a Vera Wang ballgown… can I even feed in it?’ Well, a mama does what a mama needs to do and nothing was going to stop me.

A wedding guest took the photo and I’m grateful for that. I uploaded it with the caption:

‘As we sat at our top table, Marny became upset, it had gone past his nap time and he was needing his Mum for comfort to feed. I as always, sat and fed him. I didn’t think anything of it, nor did my guests as they all know that he comes first before anyones opinions of public breastfeeding. Well those who don’t ‘agree’ with it, don’t actually come to thought, as I don’t care for that.
It seems someone did have a thought on it. Not a guest, but someone who was serving us.
This person decided to tell a very good friend of mine (I will not name anyone) that I was disgusting. That it was disgusting that a bride would sit at her top table breastfeeding in front of everyone. Disgusting? How am I disgusting? Would they prefer my super tired 2 year old, sat there screaming?

Marny fell asleep on my chest, and then was placed into his pram to have a well deserved nap.

The one time I never expected to be called ‘disgusting’ is on our wedding day of all days. Well, I am NOT disgusting, I am a mother catering to the needs of MY baby.

I think of all things, the person should have applauded me for breastfeeding a toddler in a ball gown! Now that I impressed myself with haha!
I also fed him while getting ready, and while dancing with friends… were any of them bothered No.’

Breastfeeding at wedding
As you can imagine, I had all sorts of comments with peoples opinions and nasty feelings about me doing this and uploading it. I had thousands of comments and over a thousand shares. Most good, plenty bad.

If you click on the link, you’ll see for yourself, if you wish.

For those that have opinion on public breastfeeding, please do keep it to yourself. It helps no one and can cause hurt. There is enough bad in this world without you adding to it.

If you’ve nothing to say, don’t say anything at all.

I for one am so proud of being an extended breastfeeding Mummy. I can, so I will.
He is 3 and a half now, still that milk monster he’s been from the start.


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