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Seriously, what a stupid statement to make. What a way to make a woman feel like nothing more than a baby vessel.

One you won’t find me saying. The woman is still the person you know, she simply has a new title now.

I remember when I had my first baby, I was told this and actually believed it. I mean, it didn’t help that ‘friends’ of mine actually decided to try and destroy me when my son was born. So I was at my lowest.

Before having my second baby, I was told, ‘When your baby arrives, there won’t be any time to do your makeup anymore.’ as I sat applying my morning face.

‘As if’ I told them. And I was right, because having a baby does not mean you are no longer visible.Of course when you have a child, they come first, but it doesn’t mean I don’t matter.

By the third baby, no one said this ridiculous statement. I think they knew better than to spout such nonsense.

twin girls

I do wonder who started this silliness. Because like many other things when it comes to pregnancy and a newborn, a lot of old wives tales are repeated over and over. From ‘wind’ causing a newborn to smile, to heartburn meaning your baby will have hair. Just because it’s repeated, it doesn’t make it true.

A woman feels hormonal and pants enough without then feeling like she’s just there to carry a child into this world.

I for one believe they matter even more than before. What they have done, what we have done is incredible. Grown a baby from 1 cell to the living, breathing, pooping little human in front of us. That’s epic, that is something else!
Because baby now comes first of course, that doesn’t take away from that woman standing in front of you.

Women are made to feel less than so much of the time, so why add to this and push her down further especially with the chance they could sadly suffer from Postpartum Depression when the little one is born. This is the time you should be bringing her up, telling her that without her amazing body, this new life wouldn’t be arriving into our world.

Mama’s we are super heroes and that doesn’t end when the new life begins.

For those who use this statement, the next time you feel like offering this thoughtless comment, don’t.

baby photographer essex
Thought about celebrating your wonderful family before and after they arrive? Simply contact me here today to arrange your free consultation for your beautiful portraits. 

When looking for a photographer, you may not know the amount of work that is put into every session. Every photoshoot booked here is an investment for your family so pricing is very important.

Important things to look for when making this investment are – ‘Do I love their work, does it suit my family?’ ‘How do their past clients feel, have I seen the reviews?’ ‘Pricing, is this in my budget?’.

When booking a clients in, I’ll ask a number of questions about your session and one major thing is that I need for you to check my pricing. The main thing is that I am the photographer for you, and that my work is something you love.

If you’ve yet to have a professional photography session, you may not know the amount we put into every booking. Every client of mine is different, you’re never a number so know that your sessions are personal to each one of you.

You may wonder what your session pricing fee is for and I’d love to explain below.

Your cake smash for an example:

Cake Smash photographer pricing

Each cake smash has it’s own bespoke cake made by Jams Joint to match your set. Jams Joint make sure that the cake not only looks incredible, but tastes incredible too.

Your set is thought about and planned before your day. Messages are written back and fourth, balloons are ordered, shapes are bought, and outfits are made by custom makers.

I will arrange the design and spend around 2 hours setting up. Your balloon garland is made by myself and will take over an hour to blow up and put together to match your little ones set.

Pricing cake smash
Pricing cake smash essex

Cake Smash Pricing
When it comes to your actual photography session date, you will arrive and be shown into my home studio in Elm Park.
I begin with your little ones First Birthday portraits. I supply the outfits so there is no worry about bringing any unless there is a special one you’d like them in.
Then the Cake Smash, the delicious part! We finish with the Splash. This is where your little one has fun splashing about and you also get to take your child home clean so no icing in the car. Win win!

This all takes around an hour.

Cake Smash Photographer pricing

Once you leave, I’ll download the images to my computer ready to edit. The editing time takes 2-3 hours. Depending on the type of session, it can be more.

You’ll be invited back for your viewing and this is where your images are showcased you yourselves. This will take around an hour for you to view, choose your package plus any wall art you’d like. I advise you measure up walls etc and see the best places for you to hang your pictures.

You make payment at this time for what you’d like to purchase. What makes this a smoother transaction is that you have looked at all of my pricing and packages before booking in your session.

You see, photographers work very hard to create wonderful portraits for you and your family, and we want you to love them plus hang them in your home.

It has happened recently that some have not looked at the pricing until after their session and by this time, the editing has been lovingly worked on and gallery is ready to be viewed.

Of course as photographers, we create to sell. We love our jobs incredibly, but like most of the world, we work to earn. I wanted to post to explain the work that goes into every session, and that if you should decided to not respond to messages, or not show to your viewing, it then means we have put in lots of hours to create and for no end result. I would love to add that this is very rare, but has happened on recent occasions.

To find my pricing, you can simply click here. You’ll find all my package and wall art information.

If you have any questions at all, please do ask and I will be right with you. You can contact me here, or alternatively message via my Facebook page.