When I began the wonderful world of Dinky Days, I had a very small client base. I was also still quite new to the county of Essex as I am originally from Kent.

Double Down on Twin Time
One family in this were a sweet family consisting of Mummy, Daddy and twin girls Brooke and Callie.
They were only little, maybe 3 years old, but with such spectacular characters. One of these cheeky girls, if I remember rightly, it was Callie who would hide from me every time the camera was visible. It became quite the game!

I photographed these little ones a couple of times in those early years, they were so cheeky.

Moving on to 2016, and I heard some fantastic news… Sarah and Steve were expecting their second set of twins, and this time they were having boys!
A second set of twins, what are the chances? Well, apparently the chances are even higher after your first set.

double twin
These little guys arrived safe and sound, and their big sisters couldn’t wait to see them and have their hugs. I absolutely fell in love when they came along for their newborn session, and have adored seeing them grow up all the way to their latest session which is their Cake Smash!

Of course, before every cake smash I begin with the portraits. The boys big sisters had to have their newest updates taken. As the girls have grown up, thereby become professional poses when it comes to being in from of my camera, and with such beautiful manners.

Twin time
But just look! Look at the four of them altogether. With big sisters that adore them and little brothers who love them right back.

Twin time
So once the portraits were over and done, we moved onto the smash! These little guys had a whole cake each… living the dream!
twin cake smashThe boys matching cakes are from one of my wonderful bakers, Em-Maysing Cakes and Cupcakes. 

Onto the next part of your Cake Smash session, this is the part which means it’s almost home time. SPLASH!

twin cake smash
Knowing you can take your little one(s) home squeaky clean and not getting any of that sticking icing in your car is a sigh of relief I’m sure. The twins had a great time at their Cake Smash and I’d like to personally thank their Mummy and Daddy for always choosing Dinky Days throughout the years.

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Twins girls. I mean, who doesn’t want double the hugs, double the love?

This wonderful set of twin girls are daughters to a regular client of mine.
Chloe came to me originally with her first sons bump, Ronnie, not once but twice.

Moving onto two years later, Chloe booked her newborn session. But with a twist, she wasn’t yet pregnant!
A few short months later, I received a message with alot of excitement included. A scan photo and such happy words from her. But wait… something told me to have another look as I’d looked quickly before replying…

Twin girls

TWO, THERE WERE TWO! Two healthy babies, soon to be found out that they have twin girls. So not only did Chloe book without even having a single pregnancy, she then went on to have a multiple pregnancy! What are the chances? Amazing.

Fast forward to the maternity session.
Now, I have had the pleasure of photographing Chloe a fair few times (more than a few), so I know she’s a woman who knows what she wants. All throughout the pregnancy, Chloe and I have discussed her session and what images she would like to create. Outdoor was a main priority. Now, if you follow my work, you’ll know I rarely shoot outside. So I had to get my game up to make sure I gave her the images she would treasure forever.

On the day of the session, Chloe, her husband and 2 year old son Ronnie arrived all looking magazine ready as always.

(For those asking – Chloes dress is from ASOS)

outdoor photographer essexoutdoor photographer essex
5 Minutes in the field. That’s all these wonderful images took. Being 36 weeks pregnant, carrying twin girls takes it’s toll, but looking like that, you’d never tell.

We also went into the studio. There were certain images that Chloe wanted to recreate with her special little man. I’m so glad we did it, happy clients are my favourite clients!

Maternity and son Essextwin girls

Fast forward to a few days later, their twin girls had arrived.

Around 1 week after their birth, they arrived here with their family for their first photoshoot!

Twin girls
Mummy and Daddy are yet to see their final gallery, but I can most certainly show you their sneak peek…

Twin girls photo
Aren’t they incredible? More images to come very soon…

Chloe and family, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy seeing your family grow. And how appreciated you are as such loyal clients. It’s always my honour to have you here.

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