Tobys Cake Smash & Splash

image of cake smash photographer essex

Being a baby photographer, I am lucky enough to meet these little ones mostly from newborn, and photograph them over their first year and beyond. This would usually consist of their Mummys maternity session, then onto their sweet newborn session time here.
Cake Smash Photography is becoming a popular way of celebrating their first year milestone.

Toby has visited me many times at Dinky Days Photography. He started with his sitter session where I fell in love with his little cross footing self. Without doubt, everytime he will cross those ankles and give me a  gorgeous pose. ‘It’s a Toby thing’ no doubt.

As always, I begin with your little ones First Year Portrait.

I then go onto the fun part, the Cake smash! Be prepared to get messy, rarely do parents get to escape clean, nor myself! If you’re off out somewhere after your session, be sure to bring a spare pair of clothes for you to change into after the shoot.

If your little one is crawling or walking, be sure to get ready to be on the move with them putting them back by the cake. They break for freedom and as my amazing spotters, it’s your time to be the next Bolt and jump to the rescue to get them back on set. Ready for the challenge? P.s you also get to sneak some cake while you’re at it, I mean, what better reason?
Your little one has a cake made bespoke by Jams Joint who makes the most delicious cakes.
Toby made sure we all got some cake on us, to make sure we celebrated fully with him. Getting messy is part of the job, even better when it’s cake!

image of cake smash photographer essex

cake smash photography essex
image of Cake smash photographer essex
Lastly, it’s Toby Tub time.

The splash, the part where we get clean, but while having fun in all their splish, splashing splendour and Toby did just that!

image of cake smash photography essex

Tub time is a super fun part of the session as most babies so love their baths. The tiny tub is super cute and the little ones love their time in it. If theres a special bath toy they have, why not bring it along?
Toby had a little splash splash but really loved getting up! Don’t worry, you will always be close by with eyes not leaving them. With baby photography, safety is always key.

Cake Smash Sessions are a great way of celebrating their first birthday! You’ll have some super special photographs to treasure and have a great time whilst doing so.


Cake Smash Photography Essex.
Dinky Days Photography.

Cake Smash Photograph began in the US and has become vastly popular in the UK. Your cake smash session would usually take place around a month before their first birthday if you would like your products and wall art before their birthday, for example at their birthday party or for any invites/thankyou cards. You could also book your Cake Smash Photography session on their birthday too! I find that alot of parents like to do this but please do book with plenty of notice to ensure you get the data you are wanting.
This is another version of messy play, but having some beautiful keepsake photographs while they’re doing so. As with all my sessions, it is baby led. If baby needs a cuddle, juice, time to settle, then this is what we do. I always say, ‘happy babies equal happy photographs’ and I stand by that. A worry that some parents can have is that their little one will consume too much cake, but they really don’t actually eat much at all. It’s mainly over them and between their twinkle toes.

Ready to book? Head to my contact page to get in touch today. Alternatively please call on 07412591460.  If I don’t answer, I’m probably in a session and won’t answer. Just leave me a voicemail or a text and I’ll call you back as soon as I am able.

Speak to you soon!







Newborn photography, Essex

When you book a newborn session at Dinky Days Photography, you are treated as family. You are welcomed into my home studio and given a bespoke service. No photoshoot here is the same, it is personalised to you and your family. I have 5 years of experience of newborn photography in Essex. I have been trained by the best in the UK in newborn posing, and newborn safety. Safety being key when it comes to your time here.

Your little ones are your pride and joy, the new loves of your lives and I feel so honoured to capture this special time in your lives in timeless photographs to forever treasure.

How do I book a session with you, I don’t know when the baby will arrive?

This is a very common question, one I’ve very happy to help with of course.

When you Contact me about your newborn session, I ask for your due date. This just means I will know the round about time your little one(s) will be entering the world ready to be in your arms. They’ll usually be round about 2 weeks either side of this. If they’re earlier than expected, don’t worry, there will always be a slot for you as soon as you are up and able to come along.

If something medical happens with baby (hopefully not!), again this is no problem. You just simply keep me in the loop when able, and we will have your session when your tiny one is ready. I will ask you a few more questions about your colour scheme, preferred images you like of mine too. To finish your booking, I simply ask for your session fee. This secures your time here. I’ll then send your prep for your session (lovely and simple) and my address.

Do I bring props or do you provide?

I provide all the props you see in my newborn galleries. From wooden boxes to draws, tiny beds and more, it’s all provided by Dinky Days Photography. With newborn photography I feel it is important to have the parents feel least stress as possible. It’s most likely your first trip out with your little one(s), so I want you to feel at ease and comfortable not worrying if you’ve forgotten anything that’s being photographed. I provide a service, and I want that service to make you leave feeling calm and that you’ve had a great experience. Smiles when you leave is such a great feeling.

Do you only take photos of my baby during this session?

Oh far from this. I photograph you all. I feel very strongly that you must exist in photos. Be in the photo, do it for your children, they absolutely love it.
I photograph your little one in a variety of set ups chosen by you, or like many you can request I go with the flow when it comes to set ups.

I really do adore photographing siblings together with baby, so it’s lovely when you bring your other children along. If you can let me know upon booking that you have other children, I can make sure that is written down into your session plan also. Mum and baby images alongside Dad and baby images are wonderful. Seeing the connection between you and your child is something I tend to squeal at. I get super excited (I cannot hold back, it’s just my nature! You’ll see) seeing these images on the back of my camera.

family portrait is a big part of your session here. It’s a photograph that brings you altogether, and is sometimes the first time you’ve all been together in front of the camera. I’m always looking forward to photographing this. I understand that many Mums don’t feel ready to be in the photograph, but I always advise this. I’ve always said ‘You can only regret not having the photo taken’ when it comes to this. I cannot count the amount of times Mums have thanked me for gently asking them to be in this moment with their family. Seeing those tears of joy when they view the photographs here that always make my heart skip a beat.

How long does the session last?

Newborn sessions last anywhere between 2-4 hours. This allows time to feed, choose different set ups, settle baby and have your photographs taken. I don’t believe in rushing sessions. If the time goes over, then so be it. Anything to fill your gallery with images you are hoping for. But this rarely happens. I go with your baby lead. A happy baby, means a happy session.

What if my baby lets loose on you?

Pee, poop, sick, it’s very normal here I promise! This is something that almost always happens in newborn photography. It’s part of the job, and as messy as it gets, it really doesn’t phase us. We can quickly change if it get’s super bad, but this is rare. After all it dries quite quickly as the room is a high temperature than normal to be nice and toasty for your newborn.

I’m ready to book!

Fantastic, I’m excited to hear from you! Simply contact me and I’ll be with you as soon as I am able.









Family and newborn photographer, Essex

Being a baby photographer is the best decision I have made with regards to work.
Each session brings a new family, new characters and lots of smiles. What could be more enjoyable? Photographing your babies, newborns, Family Sessions and more.

I adore to photograph your journey into parenthood, whether this be your first baby, third, or more.
Maternity is a stunning way to start. Capturing that special time, with your baby growing beautifully inside your bump. Did I mention, when you book a Bump to Baby session, I also gift a complimentary Bump Cast set. This is a fun project to complete. I ask you to bring this back and I will photograph your little one(s) in your beautiful bump cast. Such a special image to create.
Maternity sessions are one of my favourite sessions to photograph, I adore the shape of the pregnant body. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate this precious time in your life. It may seem long, but this is such a short time when compared to the joyful years to come with them on the outside world.

I am based in Elm Park. This is right next to Hornchurch, and not too far from Romford in Essex. My studio is a home studio and my clients tell me they love this. They feel welcomed and comfortable. This is a huge aim for me so I’m very pleased with the wonderful Kind Words. 

Not only am I a newborn photographer in Essex, another I offer are Cake Smash and Splash sessions. Mainly aimed towards their First Birthday, this can always be done for second and third birthdays too!

It’s a super fun, messy and gets all the giggles. Cake smash and splash sessions are definitely the go to right now for many of my clients.
It starts with a beautiful portrait. Your little one is dressed in either an outfit from yourself or one from my sets here in the studio. Next up is the Cake smash, this is where your little one gets nice and messy. Who doesn’t want a face full of cake? Delicious! Your cake is made custom to you from my local baker. You choose the colour and is there is a specific theme you’re wanting. I provide all you need for your smash.
Finally it is time for the splash. In they pop into my studio tub. Not only do they have beautiful photographs taken of their giggly selves, they also get nice and clean, ready to head home after. Win win situation.

Family Sessions

What a priceless photograph that every person should have. One of the most important photographs that I believe every family should have.
Hung upon the wall (which you will also see mine on the wall printed on a 36×24 deep framed canvas in my Family home), it is viewed daily with pride.
I also believe you should print BIG! Huge! Hang that portrait with pride. This is your art, the art you created.

That’s you set and ready to go, ready to book? Simply contact me here and I’ll be right with you.





Let’s simplify it.

You care about your data privacy as do I, and I want you to be aware of the new GDPR data laws.

Private Policy – Baby photographer Essex. I saw on another blog by Marianne Chua which did make me chuckle, that GDPR stands for ‘Get Dozens of Photographers Rabid’, and my gosh it has! It feels like we are in an ants nest just running about in directions in which we have no idea where we are going. Really, it’s quite simple but we stress about everything and nothing as we want to make sure everything is right. As a baby photographer, this is key.

Dinky Days Photography Private Policy –

What data do I collect?

The only data I ask for are your name, your email address and your phone number. Occasionally I may ask for your home address due to needing to post your prints or so.

How do I collect your personal data?

You either message me via my Facebook page to speak about your newborn session, family portrait session, another I provide, my instagram page or email me via my contact page on my website.
When emails are sent via my contact page, they’re kept safe in a password protected inbox. Only I have access.
My Facebook and Instagram messages are also password protected. Messages that haven’t been responded to within 3 weeks or messages by someone who has chosen to not book myself (I know, crazy right?), are deleted.

Emails are stored in my 17Hats database software (a GDPR compliant company) which is accessible via only two of my computers (also password protected). If you do enquire, but don’t book me (*holds back tears*), all of your personal data will be deleted from my client database.

Will my review of my experience with you be public?

Yes, if you allow me to share it. I ask for your reviews so other people can read them and see if I could be the photographer for them.

Data use

My promise to you is that your email/address/phone number will NEVER be passed on to a third party. It stops at me.
You will not receive and be bombarded with newsletters from me. I have three young children, I barely have time to pour a glass of water, let alone all that jazz. I’m sure you understand that feeling, am I right?
I may occasionally email you with certain discount codes child related, or about something we’ve spoken about in passing too. But mainly it shall be about your next upcoming session here. Every little helps! But please do tell me if this is something you would rather I not do.

All information taken from you is stored in a password protected software. I ask your consent to use your images on my website and social media, it is never used without your go ahead. I respect you and your rights, they come first.
The reason I use the images online is because I am a small business and this is my way of advertising myself. I like people to view my work to see if they’d like to book myself and this is the only way. This is how you would have viewed my photographs too. You allowing me to share is so appreciated.

All images prior to 25th May 2018 on my website are on with previous consent. If however you decide you no longer want those images up, please do email and I will remove with respect.

I will not sell your images to anyone. Images are used only for my advertising only and you can view where that is as was shared with your consent.

Your images are stored on my encrypted Hard drives. I do this so as if anything happens and you lose them, I have them safe. I do not have them from when I first begun as I had to clear out at one point. If you would prefer I completely deleted, please again, do email me and i will do so.
If you are shown an online gallery, be safe in the knowledge that the database software they are on, is GDPR compliant also. Safe and locked. You will be given a password to view your gallery.

It’s really very simple (I know I wrote alot, but I want it all clear to you all).

Your images and personal date are safe with me, all locked away with encrypted and password protected software.