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Newborn photographer Essex

Newborns. Undoubtably one of the best parts of life for so many. I mean, what’s better than a gentle hold of such a miracle? My job means I get to meet and photograph so many of your precious babies at their newborn session. I say that’s a win if ever I heard of one.

When you contact me about your newborn session, you have lots of questions. I love when you ask and I’m more than happy to help. Don’t be worried about asking questions, none are too silly.

So, shall we begin?

♥ When should I contact to arrange my session?

You can arrange your Maternity and Newborn session from your first scan. It’s always best to book your newborn session during pregnancy. This means your slot will be secured. It’s great to know this part is sorted in advance. Once your booking fee is paid, your session is secured.

♥ But, I don’t know when my baby will arrive, do I book a date before they’re born?

Babies are the boss. As much as I like to believe I am, we all know that they run the show. So for this reason, you need not book a date until your little one(s) arrive. Just simply text, call or email me to let me know your baby has arrived within the first 48 hours and we can arrange your time here.

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♥  How long is my session and what is included in my booking fee?

Your session is around 2-3 hours, but of course if baby doesn’t settle, this can go onto 4 hours.
Your booking fee includes your session, prop use, various sets, in person viewing session and maybe a cookie or two!

♥ Can I bring my newborns sibling(s)? Do we join in the photos?

Yes and yes! I believe so strongly in Family Portraits. I don’t have any that I know of from my childhood. This is why it is so important to exist in photos. I know, you rarely feel your best once you’ve had your baby. The time is such a blur. But the time passes so quickly. I’ve had Mums and Dads regret not having their picture taken here at their newborn session. But everyone else? They’re so happy they have! I tell my Dinky Mamas, ‘you cannot regret having those photos taken with your baby’. And do you know what? When they come to view, they fall in love with their photos so much, they most cry! Happy tears, mind 🙂

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♥ What do I need to bring with me?

I have newborn size nappies here, breast pads and muslins stocked up. Mums and Dads still bring their own, but I feel its good to know its here if you need it. If baby is breastfed, Mum you just bring you of course. This is a breastfeeding friendly home and studio so please know there is zero need to cover up, but I want you to feel comfortable however you feed. This is also a Formula friendly home and studio. Please do bring extra milk. Newborns don’t always want to feed more but many times they do I find.
They’re moved and woken from moving a lot more here than home, so tend to get a little hungrier. There is no saying you must feed more, but I like to have the option for you. I ask that you bring dummies to help comfort baby during the pose, it helps so much to settle baby and will not affect any feeding as it it used for such a short time. You have the choice, I only advise this to help your newborn session get the best from it.
I supply newborn prep so that will contain your clothing options etc.

♥ What do I dress my baby in for arrival at my newborn session?

Please dress your baby in a easy to undo baby grow. Poppers at the front and nothing over the head. We want to disturb baby as little as possible.

♥ What if my baby poops on you, your props or anywhere in the studio?

Ah don’t even sweat it! It happens all the time, it comes with the job and it’s honestly no problem. Everything is washable and most things wipeable. If baby poops or pees on a blanket, I simply turn it around or we change it (depending).

♥ Can I take photos of my baby on set with my phone?

I must insist you do not head over and take photos of your baby on set. You are here for me to take beautiful, professional keepsake images. Let me take care of the photographs while you sit and relax, admiring your precious newborn.

One thing I do allow, is when you are sat on the chair, you can take a behind the scenes photo, but I *must* be in the photograph. I love seeing you behind the scenes photographs of your newborn session here with me. And its a great way of remembering that part of your day.

♥ How old is the best age to have my newborn session?

The age of the babies can  make a difference in what type of poses you are able to position them in and whether they will like it or not. Of course, all babies are different, and it’s not to say that one baby will be easier to pose over another one merely based upon age, but generally speaking, the age of the baby can dictate how the session will run.

Younger babies tend to curl up much easier into poses than older babies, they don’t mind too much about having their clothes off while being in a comfortable warm room.

For this reason, I mostly photograph your little ones between 5-14 days. The best day is usually around 7.

♥ How many images will I view?

I like to showcase your gallery anywhere from 20-30 photographs.

♥ When and how do I choose my products and photographs?

You are invited back within 2 weeks of your newborn session to view your beautiful gallery. This takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. There’s no rushing perfection.
Here you will sit and watch your babies images on a video made just for you.
I ask that before you come to your viewing, you take a nice long look around your home and think about what frames, acrylics and prints you’d like and how you’d like your art to hang on your wall. Because really, this is your baby and family as art. There is nothing better to show proudly in your home, is there?
Once viewed, I’ll have a little talk with you about your options and what is best for your home.
This appointment is where you purchase your products and payment is to be made during our time together, we can then get the ball rolling!

Do you have any other questions? I’d love to add them here!

Book your Newborn session today, simply visit my contact page and Ill be right with you.


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