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What should I wear?

One of the top questions asked about your newborn session, your clothing.

In the studio, I’ve a variety of simple little rompers to pose your little one in and also a large variety of wraps for when it comes to having them all snuggled in a hands out pose.

For the parent and family portrait part of your session, you provide the clothing for this.

Avoid wrinkly clothing
If the clothing you pick has to be adjusted a lot for example bra straps

If you would like a Family portrait on the darker side, I use my grey backdrop and for this I advise clothing to co ordinate. Dark grey/black is used by many clients here and works so beautifully but your choice is clothing is completely up to you.
There is also a fern green backdrop which is equally perfect for a dark portrait.

For a lighter portrait, I use my off white/creamier coloured backdrop which is also very popular.
Cream/white/light clothing is recommended when it comes to this.

With parents and children you don’t need to match, however it is best to co-ordinate outfits.

No shoes will be needed, your portraits are taken from your waist up so that is one less thing to worry about.

Choose solid colours to avoid any distraction from your faces, this keeps your photos timeless.
So avoid any patterns or words as the eye goes directly to these in photographs.

For the new Mum, wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. From a dress to your favourite Maternity top. If you’re uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show in your photos. Simple pieces photograph best here. Remember, these portraits are all about your snuggling your beautiful newborn baby.

Do not wear clothing that fits poorly. Mums, you don’t want your bra strap showing or gapes in a buttoned shirt. The last thing you’ll want is to keep adjusting your clothing when the important part is so focus on this brand new part of your family.

Many clients like to opt for clothing such as Zara for the simply look.

Earth tones, neutrals and muted or pastel colours work so beautifully!

I ask that you inform me prior to your session date what colours you are going for so your set is planned out well to make for a smooth session for you.

Lastly, be you. This session is about your family, you are who you are and that alone is perfect.

Your session is between 2-3 hours

For this reason, I do ask that you bring some snacks and drinks to keep you going.
I am more than happy to provide endless amounts of nice cold water, but if you feel like having something sweeter then it’s great to pop to the shop prior to your session starting if possible.

Essex Newborn Photographer

Can I bring something personal for my shoot?

Bringing something that is sentimental to you and your family is perfect.

From a family heirloom, a bridal veil, a firefighters hat to their first teddy. If you want your baby (or babies) photographed with this, let’s go for it! I ask that you do let me know before your session date so I can get planning for how it would look best for you and which set.

Essex Newborn Photographer


The props used in my newborn sessions are all provided by me.
You have no need to worry. From wooden boxes to bamboo baskets and even the sweet heart bowl, I have it all.

What is great to bring along in my change bag?

If you are bottle feeding, it’s great to bring along extra milk, more than you expect to need.
Babies tend to need to feed more during the session as they are being moved around plenty and it’s hungry work burning all those extra calories having your photo taken during all these poses.
If you are breastfeeding, there is no worry to bring any extra. I have an extra plug here if you need to pump during your time here. Comfort is key.

If you are ok with it, dummies are fantastic to aid the comforting of baby in posing and settling. If they’ve never had one before, don’t worry about this messing up your feeding, this will not happen, it’s used for such a short space of time and simply to settle little one.
You may not want to use one in the future, but in your session this can make the difference in aiding a calmer transition into a certain pose if awake and can make your whole session smoother and faster, (not too fast, don’t worry there is no rush).

Of course this is entirely up to you.

Newborn Photograph Essex

If you have booked in already, I am excited to see you!
If you’re yet to decide, you can contact me > here < to ask anything. There is lots of information > here < .

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