Newborn Photographer Wall Art

What goes into making your wall art?

Sep 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Whether you choose a framed canvas for your wall art, acrylic or something else, know that so much love goes into every single piece.

They’re then created from scratch.

Your wall art choice is then custom made. From the carving to start, it is then hand painted to perfection.

This beautiful fine art frame is undoubtably one of the most beautiful pieces of wall art and comes in a variety of colours. Whether your home is filled with dark decor and low lit, or bright and airy.

The labs used are calibrated to our colours, this means that the colours we use while editing and for the final result are printed exactly as edited.

With high street shops and non professional labs, the colours are more often than not ‘off’. They dont match the digital file you’ve been given or seen. When my clients have used a high street vendor before, I have had emails asking why it doesn’t match and its simply for the reason above.

Above, the image or this little lady is being hand coated with UV filtering. This is just one of six coats or protective varnish. This will stop any sun damage so as to make sure your wall art lasts so much longer.

When you order through me after your photo shoot, you are ordering for quality and the image you fell in love with. My wall art pieces have a lifespan of at least 100 years.
You’ll receive products you can’t help but stare at every single day, I do the same with mine that are all around my own home.

Seeing your prints up close, it’s one of my favourite things. Seeing the art finished.

Struggling to choose? Ask away! Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to ordering your wall art here.

I want you to be sure and choose the right pieces for your home. When coming to the studio, you can view the beautiful variety of options to help create the legacy wall for you.

The finished product, just one of the many that make their way through Dinky Days doors.

Dinky Days Photography can also be found on Facebook.

Are you looking for a Newborn, Child portrait or Family photographer? You’re in the right place.

I’d love to speak with you and help you decide if I am the photographer for you. You can email me here and I’ll be right with you. My contact forms make it easy for you to tell me exactly what you want from your session, no matter which you choose.

Dinky Days has been photographing many families for 7 and a half years, creating thousands of loved portraits that proudly hang in my clients homes.

Newborn Photography of the Year 2019 – TNPS.
3rd Place Newborn Photographer in the world wide WPPI prestigious competition.
Best Family Photographer – EM awards 2020.


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