Twin newborn session, a little R&R.
Twin Newborn Photographer

Ever felt like you need a bit of R&R? Me too. So when these beautiful twin newborn sisters arrived, I knew it was going to be a great day. Little did I know, just how great.

Twin Newborn Photographer


Just a heads up, R and R are the first initials of these little ladies names, and they were as awesome as they are beautiful.

Understandably nervous, their parents felt some anxiety when they arrived. Like some, this is the first time they have met me, and been to the studio.

We begin the session and with all twin newborn photoshoots, I call in my wonderful assistant. My assistant is there to spot one baby whilst I spot the other.

The girls were perfect. They loved to be with each other which was so beautiful to see.

Twin newborn photographer

During their twin newborn session, I created some beautiful portraits that left Mum and Dad so happy when they came to view. One of the images that really caught their eye was this family portrait.

Twin Newborn photographer

I vividly remember Dad getting up to take a closer look. His reaction was so memorable, pure emotion.

He said how powerful the image is, the strength of love and family. He said it all with such meaning and I honestly got goosebumps. I love when people react like that to portraits created here. It is such an honour.

Alongside these images and many more, came this next portrait.

There are moments you have to absolutely grab in newborn sessions. This was one of them.

Twin Newborn Photographer Essex Awards

While one sister took some time for a nap, the other made a connection with my camera.

I knew at that moment that this portrait was special. A twin newborn portrait I’ll always remember.

I entered this into one of the most prestigious photographic competitions in the world..
It was my first time entering and I never expected to get anywhere. The competition is fierce!

It was announcement time and I was that sure I wouldn’t place anywhere that I didn’t even check.

I soon received a message of extreme excitement was a good friend of mine, Paulina.

Confused at the crazy she was speaking, I congratulated her on her 1st place win! She won 1st place in Childrens Portrait category. Incredible! Another win!

She kept telling me ‘no no, YOU WON THIRD PLACE’.

Me? 3rd place, world wide? Surely not?! She sent the link and To my surprise I had indeed won third place in the WPPI Newborn Portrait Category! I am still so amazed, immensely amazed.

I want to thank this wonderful family for attending this newborn session and allowing me to win another Trophy (yet to arrive) for my studio alongside my Newborn Photographer of the Year 2019!

First- Second- and Third-Place winners will be featured in an online gallery on wppiawards.com

Twin Newborn photographer essex

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