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The Little Princess Trust, founded in memory of 5-year-old Hannah Tarplee, supplies the best real-hair wigs available, free of charge, to children and young people up to the age of 24, who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses.

Gracie is a 7 year old little girl from Essex, right near Dinky Days Photography, and is also a previous client of mine.
She had recently heard about The Little Princess Trust and wanted to help. Knowing she would have to cut at least 10 inches from her beautiful long hair, she didn’t bat an eyelid. Her mind was made up.

Gracie and her Mum, Ashlie had hoped to raise £150, but in just two days (the fundraiser started 4th January 2019) they had surpassed this number exceptionally. They are currently at a whopping £440.

the little princess trust                    One of Gracies pretty portraits at the studio today.

The Little Princess Trust heard of their breathtaking fundraising and are so thankful. They have sent over some bracelets to try and raise even more.

When Ashlie messaged me about Gracie’s incredible gift, I knew I had to give a gift of my own. Gracie had to have a portrait before her locks were given away. The big chop isn’t until February the 2nd, but I wanted to have Gracie here as soon as possible so she could have this little treat.

On arrival, Gracie was quite reserved and shy, but it didn’t take long for her to come out of her shell and become boss. I love seeing a little ones confidence shine. As you can see by the images here, she did such a great job, and her Mum looked on with pride which I’m sure boosted Gracie even more.

In this blog, I will be adding in the link to Gracie appeal. If you could donate anything, even just £1, that would be amazing. It all adds up and she gets a boost with every donation coming in.
Huge thanks go out to each and every person who has donated towards the charity, you are doing so much more than you think.

A little information from the Little Princess Trust direct from their website:

All good condition hair that is cut according to our guidelines is sent to the factory in China.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your hair will definitely be used in the making of a child’s wig.  This is because the decision whether the hair is suitable or not is up to the specialist wig manufacturer in China and not us.

If your ponytail (plaits are acceptable but ponytails are preferable please) measures longer than 12”/30cm, it will most likely be blended with similar hair and made into a lovely, long wig.  If you’re having your hair cut with the specific intention of donating it, please hang on and grow the length so that it exceeds 12”/30cm.

If your hair measures between 7-12”/17-30cm, it may be mixed with similar hair and made into a shorter wig possibly, when required.  Incredibly around 4”/10cm is lost when a wig is made because of the knotting process.

In 2013 pop sensation, Jessie J, kindly donated her hair to us by shaving her head.  We were delighted but whilst we acknowledge the gesture from anyone that shaves their head, please note this isn’t in any way necessary.’

the little princess trustThat wonderful smile, Gracie is the perfect model.

This is a huge deal to anyone cutting their hair, and I most certainly take my hat off to everybody who does it.

Have you thought about donating hair to The Little Princess Trust? If so, please make sure to ready the new guidelines on the website provided at the top of this post.

To donate anything at all to Gracie Gift, please click here and you’ll be directed straight to where you need to be.

I would like to thank Gracie for coming along today and bringing her huge smile with her. She did so very well, especially all the focus being on herself. She nailed it, and I can’t wait to see her back with her brothers again soon.

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You can also see more of The Little Princess Trust on their Facebook page by simply clicking here.

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