A whole year later, twin time resumes …

Jul 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

I simply cannot believe it’s been a year since I photographed one of my favourite twin images.

Newborn Photographer Essex

Noa and Hana’s parents came to me to start with as their little Zephy was a part of my Dinky awareness project.

down syndrome

Their little man has Down Syndrome and also the cutest little face! I started this project to bring more awareness to certain illnesses and disabilities that our little ones go through whether born with or that happen after birth. It was a beautiful eye opener for myself also, I have learnt about so many more things. Everyday is a school day, as it should be.

After this session, I like to believe this is where they fell in love with me… I mean Dinky Days? 😉

Shortly after, I received a message asking if I had photographed twin siblings before. I had of course but I had needed to put them on my website. Thankfully Sarah took the leap and booked in and I cant tell you how glad I am that she did. They’re now one of my lovely families that I’ve had here many time to watch their family grow.

And how cute were the girls with their big brother & sister at their newborn session?

Fast forward to their sitter session.
Sat on beautiful bright colours, the girls cuteness shone through I’m sure you’ll agree.

But now? They’re one! How did this happen so fast?

At their twin cake smash you could see their awesome personalities shine through.

The matching cakes were perfect as always from Jams Joint.

We have cheeky little Hana and Boss sister Noa.

They are so brilliant, seriously.

I adore seeing clients come back with their little ones. Seeing their personalities and characters grow is such an honour and one of the best parts of my job.

Thankyou for sticking with Dinky Days through your first year. I cannot wait to see you all again.

Newborn Photographer Essex

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