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3 sons? I bet you want a girl…

Jan 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

Having 3 sons, I get asked almost daily if I will be trying for a girl.

The simple answer to this is … no. No we will not be. Honestly, 3 boys are tough, but my gosh it’s a dream come true for me.

Our first son was born in 2010. The one who made me a Mum. 

3 sons
The first of 3 sons, this beautiful little fire cracker came into the world after 31 hours of labour and an emergency C section.
We knew during pregnancy that we were expecting a boy, but my gosh we didn’t know we could create such incredible beauty.
Lucky doesn’t even cover it.

Zishan is a mixed race, boy version of myself, but just a hell of a lot cuter I’m sure.
I had always dreamt of having a little boy who had long hair, and was obsessed with Fire Trucks, and I hit the jackpot!
Having over 100 firetrucks and regularly visiting the local fire stations, being taken on the fire engines, the firemen all knew him very well.

At school he’s in the top of his classes. Maths being his favourite subject, with no pushing at all, he soars through this subject and many more like they’re nothing. He needs the challenge, he craves it!
Being our first, he had all of time to himself with us, but would also happily play by alone with his trucks and singing along.

A superstar in football, this litre guys favourite colour of the moment is pink, BRIGHT pink and he has more TY teddies than you could imagine. Most being rainbow, I adore that!

Our second son was born in 2012. The one who could easily win worlds cheekiest child.

3 sons
The second of our 3 sons, this cheeky sausage fitted into our family like he was always meant to.
We had no idea during pregnancy that we were expecting our second boy. so many believed I was carrying a girl. My bump was lower, Zishans was nice and high.
My cravings were different, but the sickness ended at 12 weeks, just like with our eldest.

Idris, or Diddles as most of the world knows him (I’ve never called him by his birth name haha!) is a whirlwind. I don’t know many or any children that are quite so non stop.
Diddles is also a sensitive little lad, with a tough exterior. You really have to get to know him to know the person he really is. He has been judged for his outlandish ways, but those who judge him are simply wrong.
He’s amazing, he makes you smile even when you’re sat crying your face off. At school, he is known as the kindest and even won pupil of the year in 2018. We couldn’t be more proud.

I mean, he even bruised his brain and got through it like a boss.

Diddles is quite the lad, there’s no mistaking that (well unless you’re someone who doesn’t look properly when on the street but that’s a whole other blog). Boisterous, funny, loving and so adorable. You can’t help but love his little face.

And now for the third son. The one who laughs at the rules and makes his own.

3 sons
The third of our 3 sons. This little dude made us whole in ways we never even knew we needed.
Born screaming his little face off, you knew when he arrived, and you still do when he’s about.

This guy has had some tough times, one of which when he had emergency surgery for Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 
Diagnosed at just 1 year old, he was failed by a couple Drs, and let down by a hospital. He was Grade 4 which is the top. He would spend every night gasping for air, and I was awake most of the time for it. I would worry every single might that I would wake and he wouldn’t.
Thankfully I spoke to Great Ormand Street Hospital and they got Marny straight in for his sleep test, then very soon after he was in for his operation.
They removed his adenoids and shaved his tonsils. This meant less bleeding and faster recovery. Straight after, I’d never seen him eat so much! He could finally breathe.

Being the crazy  fella he is. He has knocked his head about a fair bit but he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t. He takes his injuries in his stride, such a funny little thing.

The last of our children, he is certainly a mummies boy, just like all three. But without doubt, he’s Daddy’s little cupcake.

So you see, I do have 3 sons, but they’re 3 of the most epic children in this world.

I understand people think I’d want a girl, but Id rather people didn’t ask so much. These 3 sons of ours are everything and more, they’re enough for us.

I’m a Mum of boys and I wouldn’t change a thing. These three were meant to be.

And, ugh aren’t they so handsome. those eyes, the jaw lines and not to mention that breathtaking hair.

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