So, you’re looking for a photographer for your newborn session.

The question is, how do you choose the best newborn photographer for you?

In this blog I’m going to simply advise on a few things I say to look out for and when to book.

Newborn Photographer Essex

When to book –

I recommend booking your newborn session in from your 20 week scan. You can always book before this of course. Many have. Booking too late runs the risk of your choice of photographer having no availability, so book a provisional date early to secure your session with them.

I want to book XYZ as I love their photos but Brenda down the road charges alot less – 

It’s easy to cut corners by taking on your uncle bob or your friend who just bought a camera or who isn’t a professional at newborn session photography, or who offers incredibly cheap prices. Well, the proof is in the pudding that you get what you pay for in life. With your newborn portraits, they are a life investment so if you find someone offering you a session with 100 photos for £50, alarm bells should indeed be ringing.
Besides, no one really needs 100 photos. Who has the space on their walls?
With 7 years experience and a ton of training plus using the best products around, I promise your investment is worth it. Just check my reviews and you can see what my clients think.

Twin Newborn Photographer Essex Awards

How do I know I’m putting my baby in safe hands?

Don’t ever be afraid to ask your potential photographer about their professional newborn training they have had. We are more than happy to answer and are proud of what we have invested into ourselves to give you, our client, the best experience.
I have personally taken multiple first aid training sessions and have also trained with the best trainers in the UK newborn industry.

Really, anyone can simply buy a camera and call themselves a photographer. But when it comes to your baby, I personally advise using someone experienced. Sadly, there are so many horror stories out there when babies are put in the hands of untrained and inexperienced newborn photographers.
Using a photographer without professional training is putting your newborn baby at risk so I ask that you’re vigilant and only used a high reputable, experienced professional photographer.

Newborn Photographer Essex

A few questions to look out for – 

• Look at their reviews, are they positive? Check their social media and google.
• How do they interact online with past and potential new clients.
• Can you see how they feel about their job? Do they love what they do?
• Do they allow for siblings in for the newborn session? (I know I know, it’s crazy to believe that some don’t!
• Do they have all their information on a website rather than just social media?

How do they get certain poses?

Any professional newborn photographer will happily talk you through the poses your newborn will be in. There are certain poses that require digital assistance when it comes to completing an image.

For example – the Froggy pose

Newborn session posing Newborn Photographer Essex

I take these two images, never once letting go of him. Safety over any image, ever.

I then place both images into photoshop and create this…

Newborn photographer Essex
So you see, this isn’t a pose you should ever try at home. In fact, any of the poses created by a professional should stay in their hands.

Isn’t he so adorable? Ok ok, back to the subject.

Your baby should never be put in a dangerous position as where they could fall. A spotter should always be around when they are in a  prop and all props should be deemed safe.

What if my baby is premature?


I would recommend asking your photographer if they have ever had the honour of photographing premature babies before.
You want to make sure that when you tell them your baby is premature, that they ask questions about their medical health, and if all is ok for them to come to their session rather than immediately booking a date. You need to know baby is ok for their time in the studio.

What age should the photographer photograph my baby?

All newborn photographers are different. Some will only photograph babies up until 2 weeks. Some like myself will shoot a newborn session up to 6-8 weeks. If your baby is beyond 2 weeks, the photographer should advise you that your baby may not be as curly as a baby under 2 weeks but that without doubt they should still create a beautiful gallery for you.

I personally will never turn away any baby despite their age, rather I prefer to manage expectations of your little ones session.

For instance, your older newborn may be awake for most of the session, or they may be sleepy like Kiari here who was 6 weeks during his newborn session.

Newborn session essex

The importance of booking early.

Great newborn photographers get booked up months in advance.

Don’t get stuck finding your perfect photographer only to find that they’re completely booked up with no space.

It’s best to book early. From your 20 week scan as advised above to secure your session.

If you are late booking, didn’t think to book a newborn photographer for example. It is still worth contacting the photographer of choice to see if they can possibly squeeze you in. Always worth a shot!

If you should wish to book in with Dinky Days Photography, I would love to hear from you. You can do so by clicking >> here << .

Wondering my pricing? Simply click here and scroll down. Remember, no package needs to be chosen until your viewing session around 7-10 days after your newborn session.

Newborn photographer Essex

Cake Smash Essex

Cake Smash EssexShe had her cake…. and Dad ate it.
Cake Smashes are one of the funnest ways to celebrate your little ones First Birthday.

This little lady was more interested in her Bath Splash than Cake Smash but seriously, how cute was she on set?

She began as with all my Cake smashes with her First Birthday Portraits and she did not disappoint. Her beautiful smile and poses just made me melt.
Mum and Dad were right next to her at all times as with everysession here and couldn’t stop giggling at her cute little character. Like many 1 year olds, Amelia just loved to play with something in her little hands and her main choice of the day was my felted stars. Suited her so well as she’s a super star herself.

Cake Smash Essex

Once the portrait was over, she was changed into a sweet little gold romper and ready to get on set. Her Mummy chose my ice-cream set to match her sweet girl and I agree with her, the set was perfect for her.

Cake Smashes Essex

The set is always down to you. You can choose from one of mine or let me know a colour and I get searching for a great one for you.

When it’s time for the cake smashes, I ask that you keep your child with you while I sort your set. Here’s a shot before the mess begins. The cake is always sublime and made to match your set. I book these from Jams Joint. Faridah is local to me where I am in Hornchurch, she is in Dagenham. I would honestly recommend her to any of my clients and more. Her attention to detail is the reason I keep coming back. She matches the cakes to every set and has never let me down.

Amelia left almost all of the cake so as always, the parents as more than welcome to take it home so as no waste. During their viewing he said how much they enjoyed it. I’m not surprised Jams Joint cakes are unreal!

Cake Smash Essex

How utterly adorable is Amelia, I mean seriously, that smile and sweetness just lit up the room. For that reason, I also have this image coming to be an round acrylic in the studio and it just so happened that her parents chose the same image for a framed acrylic during their viewing session. That’s the sign of a great photo. I cannot wait to get it up when it arrives.

Cake Smash Essex

Onto her Bath Splash.

This is the part where she came alive! Ready withy bottle of carex antibac hand wash (she loves playing with something in her hands alot), she was into the tub and absolutely loving it. Mummy and Daddy said this is something she loves to do so that’s always a win. Here are a few images from her splash, bubbles and all.

Cake Smash Essex

Cake Smash Essex

Cake Smash Essex

Please note that if your child has an
allergy to anything, please let me know in advance and I will tell my baker who will make your cake perfectly for you.

You can see more information about my cake smashes here. 

Ready to book? Simply click here to contact me and we can get the ball rolling!

It’s an awkward thing to talk about, the price of things, especially when it comes to bespoke services.

Twin Newborn Photographer Essex Awards

People will walk into a big shop, let’s say an electrical store and buy a huge TV for whatever the price is and not question it. However when it comes to a bespoke service such as photography, the cost is constantly queried. I ask myself so many times, why?

I created Dinky Days Photography 7 years ago this month of January 2020.

That’s 7 years of experience, training, prop choosing and investment, camera equipment, insurance, first aid training and so much more.

I am very proud to say I am an award winning professional photographer.

From third place in the WPPIs newborn category world wide, to Newborn Photographer of the Year Uk 2019.

newborn session photographer essex

There is the fact that Photography has such a broad price across the board. This is due to the experience of photographers. The problem is that for those who aren’t in the industry, you may not be able to differentiate between them.

I have many enquiries where I am asked to price match to much lower cost photography companies, this is something you won’t find Dinky Days doing.

Why, you may ask? Well I believe that my clients deserve the very best, they deserve the portraits that last for a lifetime. Portraits that hang on the walls and wow every person that walked into their home. With the price, comes a great experience, products that match your home perfectly and never ever being considered ‘just a number’.

My products come down to even so much as your cake for your cake smashes. I use the wonderfully talented Jams Joint who creates the most beautiful cake smash cakes to match each and every set for your little one. They deserve a delicious and perfect looking cake, even if it’s about to be smashed to smithereens.

Cake Smash essex

I have had the honour to photograph an incredible amount of clients over the years and I am thankful for each and every one. You see, they value what I do and trust me to create beautiful memories for them.

Price is down to priority.


For me, a Louis Vuitton bag is not a priority. A Range Rover is not a priority and that’s ok. We all have our own choices.
For my clients and I, memories printed to stand the test of time is.

When Photography is a priority to you, the price is something you will understand. My products are the best, the love that goes into each and every single portrait is something you can see when you finally hold those prints in your hand. The wall art you order, when you hold them in their hands, you feel the quality and know it is worth every penny that you invested.

I recently had a great client of mine say when she picked up her order ‘It’s so worth the money I spent now it’s in my hands’
When I told her that she had the other loose prints in her portrait folio, she responded with ‘Oh what, theres more? I didn’t look again at the packages to see what was there because of the money I spent but I am SO happy I bought it all and I can’t wait to come back’.

My clients tell me they come to me because of the personal experience they have. The anxiety some parents feel when coming for their sessions is real. A twin parent family had alot of it before coming to theirs and once we had finished, they told me they they’re so happy they came to me. That they felt at home here and loved seeing how I am with their children. They felt so content knowing their babies were safe in my hands with my posing and gentle care.
This means so much to me. I want you to love your experience at Dinky Days and I adore when you’re so vocal about it. It means the world. Thankyou.

To start 2020, I wanted to explain that different business will always different prices. From Photography to Bakers, crafts to music lessons. The artist deserves to be valued.

If you love their work (which I’m sure you do as that is why you enquired) then please know that behind that screen is a real person who cares about their job and the price is what it is for a reason and we would love to provide a wonderful service for you.

If I am not in your budget, please do let me know if you’d still have loved to used my services and I will see what installments could be arranged for you if possible.

Photography is a luxury that I would love for you to all to have.

You’ll find all of my session information by clicking on the top bar on ‘Your Session’, you’ll find my package pricing and more by clicking here.

Please email me here and I’ll be right with you about your session at Dinky Days Photography LTD.