Newborn Photographer Essex
With Christmas coming up… ‘What’s your cheapest price? I have things to pay for, so I can’t spend that much’.

This is something I receive in my inbox, but sadly more often than I should.

Dinky Days Photography provides images and products to stand the test of time.
Art to hang on your walls to be loved for the rest of your lives and longer.

You see to me, photography is forever. Photography being cheap doesn’t come into my mind, nor my business.
Cheap suggests something that isn’t cared for. A throw away item. Disposable. With Dinky Days, that’s not something you’re going to receive.
Cheap and photography should never, ever come together in a sentence.

Maternity Photographer Essex

Whilst I understand not everyone has the budget for my pricing, this is not something I will compromise on.
When you book Dinky Days, as my clients know, you’ll receive a great service and products that’ll make you smile when you see them every single day on your walls. Those beautiful pieces of wall art that decorate your homes which people are wow’d by whenever you have a visitor.

Having ‘cheap’ on your walls doesn’t sound inviting at all. It doesn’t scream something that’s cared for.

Twin Newborn Photographer Essex Awards

Sadly, at Christmas this is something that is asked for more.
‘With Christmas coming up, I’m looking for something cheap’.

Being a bespoke business, like many I am self employed. A Mum with three incredible children who deserve a wonderful Christmas too. Being cheap and working as hard as we do just isn’t good. Its not good for you. And you deserve the best.

With the beautiful quality I provide plus the years of experience and the training I have behind me, I simply cannot be cheap, nor do I want to be.

Compromising on quality isn’t something anyone who valued their portraits wants, surely?

Cake Smash Essex

So all in all, if you are looking for a photographer who really cares about your precious portraits, you can view all of my galleries on this site.

Whether it is Maternity – NewbornCake SmashFamily 
Know that each and every client that comes are treated like the unique Families they are.

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