We all see the sad stories about kittens and other animals on Facebook don’t we?

But how often do we actually take action to the problem? I wish I could more, and thankfully this time I was able to.

Instead of just scrolling by, I immediately responded to a post I’d seen late on Thursday evening.

‘3 kittens for sale. 1 black. 2 black and white. Each of them cost £10. The kittens can see little bit and they will soon grow’


It didn’t look right. I clicked on the image and the kittens looked like they were just born. I messaged the seller straight away and asked how old they were.

Rescue Kittens

Our messages went as follows;

Seller – ‘They are 2 in a half weeks old I’m selling because I’m moving into a new house and in the new house the pets are not allowed so that’s why im selling 3 kittens’

shocked, I replied and we spoke back and fourth.

Me – ‘You’re selling that young? They may not survive’ 

‘U can feed it with small bottle of milk, or a spirit tube idk what’s it called’

‘No, they need to be with their mother until at the very least, 8-9 weeks old’

She went on to again tell me they are moving house so they needed to sell the kittens, and the Mum is already going to a new home.

Then surely the mother needs to go with them?

I’m not having a go, but they really can’t be separated yet.

Not wanted to aggravate the situation, not even knowing what the next step I was going to take, I kept calm with the seller.

I said ‘They just can’t be separated yet. The kittens have a much high survival rate to stay with their mum. Have you asked the new mum owner to take the kittens too?’

She replied ‘ Yes, but they want the cat only’

With my insides screaming ‘HOW CAN THE PERSON BUY THE MUM AND LEAVE THE KITTENS SO YOUNG!’ I kept the conversation going. It had ended that evening and carried on from around 6am the next morning.

Explaining that the Cat and kittens were better off going to rescue, it was like speaking to a brick wall. It wasn’t wanted to be heard. The problem in all this was that I had told them multiple times that the kittens may not survive without their Mum. It’s a much lower survival rate’

As the morning went on, I put the screen shots on my profile to make sure I wasn’t at all wrong. My friends were also really surprised that this was happening. I spoke with a fair few of them and I then wrote to the seller that I would buy the Mum and 3 kittens, so I could then take them home until getting them to a rescue.

It took around an hour, felt like longer, but they finally agreed and said I could collect the four cats at 12pm. I had to be there at that time or I would miss them. I dropped my little boy at pre school and walked to my closest cab office to book my cab for 11:35am.

At this point I didn’t even think to myself …  ‘wait, you’re going alone to an unknown address to pay money to strangers for cats you have no idea what state they’re in…‘ Yeah I know, stupid but I just wasn’t thinking of me, I wanted to rescue those little ones and their Mama. I’m not always one to think first, just do. Whoops!

Heading home I received a message from a friend, Victoria. She wrote that she would drive me alongside a mutual friend Michelle to help me collect the kittens. It then dawned on me what a stupid idea it was to consider even going alone. EEEK!

I thanked her, accepted the offer and called the cab office to cancelled my booking.

11:30am arrived, I grabbed my bigger cat carrier. I then remembered that Id actually not mentioned a word of this to my husband *whoops!* so I told him a brief overview. Without even letting him reply, I was out of the door and into the car.

Arriving at the address I was super anxious, we all know what I’m like. But I had real reason to. Michelle said she would come in with me so off we went to the front door. We knocked and patiently waited until the owner came to the door. I must say it was odd she didn’t know I was taking them all but I confirmed that I would be and she seemed pleased. We must remember that at no point in any discussion was I asked how my home is, will they be safe etc. Odd.

Rescue Kittens

We went in, and the house was bare. They were indeed moving out, and fast. The owner went upstairs and collected Mama cat first, then came down with the three kittens in her hands. They were tiny. So tiny. Just 2 weeks old.

We quickly exited after I handed over the money for the beautiful little ones and I was then the new owner of them. Id gone from having one Ragdoll kitten at home to now 5 cats in the house. Well, I didn’t wake up with that in mind to happen! Just the night before I was on the phone to my friend Lauren saying ‘Same Sh*t Different Day’. How wrong was I? Thanks Universe!

Victoria and Michelle dropped me to my local vet ( Hill Park Veterinary Group – Elm Park Vets ) , and I was seen really quickly. Id told them what was happening on my way home that morning. The kittens stank of roll ups and the smell lingered on our hands. It’s just not right. How dare anyone not let them have fresh air for those beautiful babies to be around 🙁

Rescue Kittens

Before leaving, I asked the owner if they were chipped, de wormed etc. She said yes. I was skeptical I won’t lie.

The vet checked them over and they were weighed. Tiny little dots. The vet could smell the tobacco on them too.

Fast forward to paying for their medication and consult, I was told as I was doing a good thing, they would wave the consult fee. So kind. Thankyou Elm Park Vets.

Getting home, I took them straight up to my top floor so they could have one of the spare rooms. I laid blankets on the floor, and my husband bought some food up. Well, Mama scoffed the Applaws dry food down like no ones business. She seem a little stressed but not as much as you’d expect for quite a traumatic day. Who wants to be up and moved into strangers house after you’ve just had 3 babies? Not me!

I want to thank all my friend on Facebook and text message that have been so incredibly kind with their words and offers of money towards her costs so far. Any money Id ask for Id want to be to the rescue towards their vaccinations and anything else needed.

Mama and her little ones had a calm night. I checked them a few times then left them to rest until this morning. Mama is so incredibly protective and one hell of a mother.

I spoke to the lovely owner of Bow Lodge Cat Rescue who will soon be taking them (Monday). She had some great advice about feeding them and more. And it seems I’m doing the right thing.

I decided today (Saturday 23rd March) to bring them into the studio to capture their portraits before they leave and I probably never see them again. Let me tell you this, photographing kittens is NOT easy alone! haha

Rescue Kittens baby photography essex Rescue Kittens baby photography essex Rescue Kittens baby photography essex

Never work with animals or children, they say. I say DO IT!

What’s not easy is so worth it.

Contact today to book your baby session whether they have fur or not 😀

So, its been a year since the day we lost our second little angel through miscarriage.


A year in which our lives could have changed forever. funny how you don’t really get a choice in it. Either things are going to happen or theyre not.

Sure, there are small things we can make happen, but have a think. It’s really happening because of the chain of events before this.

In the year since we lost our second little angel, a lot has changed at Dinky Days.
A lot has changed in my life, me as a person. I feel strong, yet that part of me will always be missing. She (I always believe our loss was a girl), would still be what, 3/4 months ish? We had no due date yet so I can’t say for sure.

After our loss, I had so much comfort from friends. Yet I also had things said that I dont feel were right to say to a grieving woman. Even as a ‘friend’ you should know to keep certain thoughts to yourself.

‘Maybe it was *just* a chemical pregnancy’
‘You shouldn’t have tested so early’
‘At least you have your three boys’

Eye rolls all around. Tear soaked eye rolls.

The moment you see those two little lines, that positive screen. Your heart grows.

You just don’t say that to a woman or a man. Because Dad matters too. Miscarriage hurts everyone.

I may have felt all the pain and physical things, but my husband still suffered a loss too.

It’s been year of realisation in my life. I feel like she has been by my side helping me.


My anxiety took a huge leap and affected me daily. I was having anxiety attacks daily through 2018. Although I’ve always suffered with it, I know for sure that our March 2nd loss helped that anxiety ZOOM into the sky.
Click my blog on my anxiety to find out more and on how CBD oil really changed my entire life.

I’ve now *kind of* got it under control. But it takes hold still occasionally.

I digress.

Life would have been so different in our home if we had been lucky enough to have carried her to term. Gosh, imagine! 4 children, what a blessing.

I must admit, it hurts every single time someone asks me if Im going to go for another baby. I don’t hold back, I don’t dismiss my losses.

My answer is always ‘we tried last year but sadly suffered a miscarriage with both. If we were to have another, it wouldn’t ever be an accident. He or she would always be in the plan for my Family.’

Being a newborn and family photographer, I am around new families a lot and this means I get asked it a lot. Almost every session. I know they don’t mean it in a bad way, so Im never offended. It’s just that broken piece of my heart that shatters a little more every time I explain.
Even more so when people ask if I want a girl and I know full well my losses were girls.
I definitely have a feeling I can’t carry girls. My boys were thankfully all born healthy. Yet the ones I had a miscarriage with, feel like girls. Co incidence? I think not. But it’s not something I’m going to argue over with anyones thoughts. These are mine and they matter. It’s crazy that all my boys ask me for is a sister and it’s something I don’t feel I can give. And a dog, but I mean dogs are totally epic. It’s a shame my husband doesn’t understand the amazingness of a puppy!

We now have a little kitten however. A little fluffy girl called Dinky. She gives focus. My mind doesn’t have as much time to wander when she’s say trying to grab my fingers as a I type and edit in the evenings when it’s all quiet. When the boys are settled in bed and I’m left with my thoughts.

She was something we needed more than I realised and I’m excited to add to the brood with a sister for her one day.

As a mother to angels, whenever Im asked how I feel. I want to say ‘I’m sad. I feel that sadness every day. I smile because Im also happy and I have such incredible children walking beside me but Im sad because I know how much she would have fit into our Family’.

As I sit on the train on the way to a photography business course, I felt to pass the time. I also needed to stop the tears from falling down my fresh makeup applied face. No one wants that mascara mess when they’re out for the whole day.
I’ve no doubt I’ll let them fall later. And that’s ok. It’s good to cry. It’s good to let the emotions come out. It’s good to talk about it and thats something I pride myself on.

Writing the blog on her just hours after the loss. Two little lines is raw. It’s fresh. It’s real. It’s exactly what I was feeling at the time as a laid in the bath waiting for the pain to pass. I’m stronger now and for me the time has helped to heal. But the hurt will always be there.

To the Mum who has lost their baby who is reading his. I’m here for you. You can message me whenever, I will be at the other end of that message holding your hand, and wiping your tears while wiping my own hearing your story.

Lets speak about our babies. Our miscarriage. Yours too. They aren’t here in body, but their spirit is here. That voice in the back of my head. The skip in my heartbeat.

To my little girls who aren’t here, I love you. My heart is always yours.

December and March.

Mummy xx