Behind the scenes taking newborn photosIts so rewarding every time I receive a booking from my future clients, as taking newborn photos and creating memories to cherish forever is my all time favourite love. I’ve been adding my most recent images to my newborn gallery, and I’m getting excited to be updating it in the coming months with so many more little people.

I’ve also had some returning sitters recently, which I just adore. Seeing your little grow up from their newborn sessions is wonderful. Seeing their little characters shining through is always great.

A few clients sent me these in previous months, and looking at these I know I officially have the best job in the world.


So, how does a newborn session work?

Taking newborn photos is not straight forward. These tiny people are fragile. Their health and safety is paramount. So make sure you choose a photographer that is trained not only in newborn posing, but newborn safety. After all safe baby handling is absolutely key. Its not just the babies, its about the smaller children as well. So do your research carefully, look at their work, and receive recommendations.

Sometimes clients love to use their phones to create those behind the scene shots. This is ok, as long as I am present in the images. I also love to use them, showing me taking those beautiful images you often see.

Check out these gorgeous two to the right. How beautiful are they? Such patient, and well behaved, this session was just as amazing as the rest. Often I post my latest work on here as well as Facebook, so why not pop over and have a look?

I keep the heater on in the studio, just so your tiny tots are nice and snuggled when we wrap and do one of the many poses. I advise that the parents wear layers so they can take off when feeling a little too warm. Switching between these is often quick, and completely safe for your newborn. I have been photographing newborns for 4 years, and each session is completely different. Unique to your family.

Taking photos from above of your babies - Dinky Days PhotographySometimes babies have accidents on me, the props, the blankets. Its all part and parcel of the job and is no problem. I take it in my stride and brush it off, literally. It’s something that happens in 90% of my sessions.
If you have any questions about how taking baby or family photos, or what happens in my sessions you can either drop me a message, or pop over to my pricing pages for newborns or families for example.

If you’re expecting, please take a look at my maternity page. Photographing your transition into motherhood is such an honour.

Speak to you soon!